DreadChase is a 6 degrees of freedom combat/stealth game set in space. You are protecting your warp-capable base from a massive hostile armada that is searching for you. If the hostile fleet gets close enough and detects your base then they will lay siege to it. To survive you must stay ahead of them, disrupting enemy outposts, stealing crucial supplies and trying to outrun their ships. Survive long enough and you may be able to identify vulnerabilities in the pursuing fleet! DreadChase is balanced by consequences instead of scarcity. Attacking hostile forces and structures in a direct assault can prove effective yet will provoke a dangerous response. Sneaking around with minimal thruster correction and disrupting subsystems can be equally effective though difficult to execute. DreadChase accommodates a wide range of playstyles in catering for both full covert and overt gameplay.

DreadChase is available via Desura, GamersGate and IndieGameStand.

Key features:

  • Engaging tactical gameplay with huge range of viable choices available
  • Full real-time dynamic simulation instead of a simplistic scripted affair
  • Stealth and radar detection mechanics far deeper than line-of-sight
  • Fully destructible environments, including everything from projectiles to entire bases
  • Detailed threat model and strategic AIs that marshal their forces against threats
  • Extensive hacking capabilities, unlocking doors, disable security, capture enemies
  • Massive procedurally generated bases with subsystems and weapon emplacements
  • Advanced military threats including death squads, minefields, siege forces and more
  • Caters for different playstyles, covert stealth, full combat or a blend of both
  • Powerful hunting AIs provide a truly unique experience
  • Full soundtrack by Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey

The playable demo is now available here.

DreadChase was on exhibit at PAX Australia in July 2013.